Enlarging Green Space & Active Recreation  
In tandem with the Parks Master Plan adopted under her administration, Mayor Dana Goldman will continue to enhance our quality of life by acquiring, repurposing and revamping open-space while improving existing park space for active recreational uses. Her vision for our park network incorporates mini-pitch soccer, basketball, pickleball, tennis, and new walking and cycling paths.

Establishing New Educational Opportunities
Mayor Goldman will preside over the Sunny Isles Beach Youth Center opening, usher in a Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Education Program, and revive the City’s aftercare program. Dana will forge plans with neighboring coastal Mayors for a new nearby High School to serve our residents’ immediate needs. She will continue to take action in proactively addressing the issue of overcrowding in our local K-8 school and her work alongside local leaders to expand private school, aftercare and educational offerings for our residents.

Addressing Redevelopment West of Collins Avenue

Rising property values and aging condominium issues create conditions ripe for redevelopment West of Collins. Dana will ensure that our land development regulations and our comprehensive plan are finally reconciled and she has the educational background, fortitude and battle tested experience to lead the way on this critically important task. She will continue to stand up for our residents to ensure that our city does not become a walled-in Brickell Avenue with overdevelopment.

Strengthening Condominium Dwellers Rights
State legislative reforms and skyrocketing insurance have placed enormous financial burdens on our residents. Dana is determined to continue working with local, state and federal agencies for financial assistance options related to condominium structural repairs.

Dana will ensure that city staff helps older condominiums cope with coming county and state law changes to meet the accelerated recertification and inspection mandates on building safety. Dana is an experienced real estate attorney and forceful condo rights advocate.  She will continue to host monthly condo rights workshops, direct educational efforts and spearhead initiatives to decrease criminality, fraud and abuse in our condominiums.

Keeping Pedestrians & Bicyclists Safe
Dana’s top priority is to keep our city safe, working as Mayor to immediately increase police presence/visibility, traffic safety and enforcement. She will continue working with our Police Chief to expand and enhance our Police Department. Mayor Goldman will continue to implement enhancements along Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Boulevard and on interior roads to protect pedestrians, improve street crossings and lighting. 

Protecting & Cleaning Our Beaches
Dana is committed to protecting our beach’s integrity. Mayor Goldman is working with city staff, hotels and residents to create safer, cleaner beaches we can all enjoy.  She will continue to expand resiliency and sustainability measures such as dune restoration to protect our beach and city for future generations.

Identifying & Eliminating Wasteful Spending
Transparency and accountability are the lodestar. Dana’s vision is for a transparent, efficient, open, honest, and accessible local government. Dana has eliminated multiple burdensome and bloated capital improvement projects saving our city tens of millions of dollars, including overpriced pedestrian bridges. She has worked with our city to eliminate fraudulent government spending to protect our tax dollars and will continue to cut wasteful spending.


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