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Make Our Streets Safer + Mitigate Traffic

Dana will continue to fight for safer streets and less traffic congestion. Dana also wants to widen sidewalks, add streetscape elements, and provide residents more mobility options so we become less car-centric. There have been far too many fatalities on our streets.

Protect Our Quality of Life

A respected real estate lawyer, Dana understands the importance of protecting private property rights. However, she also understands that unreasonable development that requires upzoning can seriously erode our quality of life. She is committed to promoting sensible development on the West Side, and protecting access to our beaches on the East Side.

Protect Our Fragile Environment

Recent environmental incidents involving broken and leaky sewer lines, fish kills, algae blooms and the presence of harmful “forever chemicals” underscore the need to do more to protect our environment and our residents’ health. That’s why Dana is working on new initiatives to prevent, monitor, and respond to these incidents.

Provide More Services to Seniors + Youth

Dana is working hard to provide more recreational and educational programs for our seniors and youth in city facilities and parks. She believes this is another vitally important quality of life issue for residents.

Fight for More Accountability + Transparency in Condo Associations

Dana has become a trusted expert in Miami-Dade County and in Tallahassee on the issue of reforming condominium associations. She will continue to fight to protect the rights of condo unit owners from abusive, unscrupulous and predatory associations.