Dana Has Been Our Commissioner at City Hall for Seven Years. Her Priorities are Our Priorities.

Protect Our City from Overdevelopment
Dana has been the lone voice and vote against upzoning the west side of Collins Avenue. She will continue to fight against unreasonable developments that would degrade our quality of life. Dana has the experience we need to move our city forward in navigating the complexities and challenges of our city’s zoning.

Protect Residents on Our Roads & Streets
Dana has fought to make our streets safer for pedestrians, joggers and bicyclists. She will work to tame the deadly chaos on Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach Boulevard and other busy streets with stricter police enforcement, wider sidewalks, lower speed limits and safer pedestrian crossings.

Protect Our Condo Residents
Dana has forcefully advocated for condo residents at all levels of government. She will continue to fight for residents’ condo rights and for more accountability from associations. Dana will continue to serve as a resource for condo dwellers addressing fraud and abuse. In the wake of the horrific Champlain Towers collapse, the County and State are poised to enact stricter safety requirements for older buildings. Dana will help residents navigate the new requirements to ensure they aren’t forced out by developers eager to tear down their buildings.

Protect Our Tax Dollars
Dana has been reliably fiscally responsible and is committed to stopping waste and mismanagement. She will right-size the budget by reining in expenses. Dana has the experience, guts and knowhow to eliminate fraudulent spending, unnecessary consultants, overpriced projects and will fight to protect our tax dollars.

Protect Our Beaches
Dana understands that our beaches are the city’s most important asset. She has led the fight in City Hall to keep our beaches open, renourished, clean and accessible. Dana will lead the charge to reduce beach litter and improve our beach conditions. She will continue to implement sustainable measures in Sunny Isles Beach.

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