Protected Our Tax Dollars

✓  Reduced the millage rate, now the lowest in the City’s history
✓  Instituted fiscal tightening, making “more with less”
✓  Exposed and eliminated shady and wasteful spending items budgeted by prior City administration
✓  Rejected hyperinflated future project proposals and proposed debt reduction
✓  Eliminated 10s of millions of dollars on future capital improvement spending for unnecessary overhead bridges and other inchoate projects
✓  The City’s reserves at a historically high level
✓  City budget increase cut in half year over year from prior administration

Protected Our City from Overdevelopment 

✓  No new projects “West of Collins” during tenure
✓  No new unreasonable developments that would degrade our quality of life
✓  City-wide Zoning Report and Analysis
✓  Navigation of Land Development Regulations and Comprehensive Code for future planning and future workshop
✓  Consistently stood up for what is right for our residents in the Town Center District
✓  Said “NO” to the Infinity Hotel Project and “YES” to following the law regarding our Comprehensive Plan for West Side densities and intensities

Protected Residents on Our Roads and Streets 

  Hired new Chief of Police

  Expanded Police Department

  8 new sworn officers

  4 new administrative staff hires

  Increased visibility and police presence on our City streets

  Returned the City to community policing 

  Beefed up traffic enforcement and added crossing guards

 Initiated roadway design improvements

  Added crossing guards and made pedestrian crossing upgrades

  Made lighting, signage and signalization improvements

  Immediate and long term improvements in cue:

  On-demand transportation

  Dedicated bicycle lane

  Four way crosswalk


  Sidewalk widening

 Utilized technology to reduce crime rate

Protected Our Condo Residents
✓  Continued education, advocacy, one-on-one and group meetings, town halls, condo workshops 

 Advocated for financial assistance on structural repairs with governmental agencies

  Advocated in Tallahassee for legislative reforms to protect owners from unscrupulous associations


Protected Our Beaches and Resiliency Efforts
✓  New Ordinances with beach area cleanup requirements and banning smoking on the beach
✓  Initiated dune restoration efforts and the creation of a Dune Master Plan
✓  Stepped up beach code enforcement
✓  Catalyzed public information campaign and improving signage at beach access areas
✓  Introduced and passed measures to provide incentives for electric vehicles, oppose offshore drilling on our coast, ban plastic straws, and polystyrene containers.
✓  Expanded electric vehicle charging stations in the city
✓  Created environmental educational series in our K-8 public school and on social media platforms


Protected Our Quality of Life

✓  Park Recreational Centers: expansion of park network and active recreational uses, including pickleball, basketball, tennis, and soccer
✓  Approved new Sunny Isles Beach Youth Center 
✓  Initiated plans to expand educational options for pre-k to high school
✓  Expanded Seniors Programming at Gateway Park
✓  Amended noise ordinance for greater enforceability
✓  Planted trees
✓  Made investments in water testing
✓  Budgeted flood and new drainage pump stations
✓  Championed the new Senior Center at Gateway Park to provide a permanent, dedicated space and programming for our seniors
✓  Tireless advocate on behalf of seniors for increased recreational activities


Increased Transparency in Government

✓  City administration overhaul, moving forward not backwards
✓  Formed new committees and increased resident engagement in civic life
✓  Cone of silence opt-out repeal
✓  Procurement process validated
✓  Moved Intracoastal Yacht Club Precinct to Gateway Center
✓  Opened bid for new restaurant to place in the former Tony Roma’s space

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