Fought for More Accountability and Transparency for Condominium Associations.  Served as the “go-to” commissioner for countless condominium unit owners, educating them about their rights and helping solve their problems.  Created and conducted monthly Condominium Rights Workshops, a popular monthly educational series. Advocated in Tallahassee for legislative reforms to protect unit owners  from unscrupulous associations.   

Made Our Streets Safer Fought to make Collins Avenue safer by initiating the process to lower the speed limit and permanently close lanes so we can widen our sidewalks. Initiated the city-wide Master Transportation Plan to finally deal with the city’s unsafe streets.


Protected our Quality of Life by Championing Sensible Growth on the West Side.  Said “NO” to the Infinity Hotel Project and “YES” to following the law regarding our Comprehensive Plan for West Side densities and intensities.  Consistently stood up for what is right for our residents in the Town Center District, and for beach access, despite pressure from powerful interests.


Watched over Our Tax Dollars.  Consistently approved the lowering of our millage rate to reduce our residents’ tax burden. Questioned wasteful spending and budget items with the city administration.


Advocated for Seniors.  Championed the new Senior Center at Gateway Park that provides a permanent, dedicated space and programming for our seniors. Tireless advocate on behalf of  seniors for increased recreational activities.


Protected Our Fragile Environment.  Staunch environmentalist, known as the “Environmental Commissioner”. Introduced and passed measures to ban plastic straws, provide incentives for electric vehicles, oppose offshore drilling, and ban the use of “forever chemicals’ by condominium associations. Expanded  the number of electric vehicle charging stations in the city, and created an environmental educational series in our K-8 public school and on social media platforms.

Stood Up Against Anti-Semitism + Hate.  Introduced and adopted our city’s first Anti-Semitism ordinance that takes Anti-Semitism into account when enforcing the law.  Introduced and adopted anti-BDS and Florida Hate Crime Coalition resolutions.  Defender of human rights and promotor of anti-discrimination.

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